Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Butterfly Not Burning

The title actually has it's own story. In school right now, we just got finished reading this book called Butterfly Burning, and it's about the downfall of a love between Phephalaphi and Fumbatha. I like this book, even though at the end she kills herself by setting herself afire. So the title of this post is "Not Butterfly Burning" because I am not in love, I am not in distress and I am not going to kill myself, well not anytime soon at that!

God has been good to me. And so has society so far. I haven't been having any stressful anxietic breakdowns for like two weeks which is awesome! Today I got my high school class room and now I feel like an official junior. I feel that at this point in time I am doing the best I can to be all I can be. I would say that I am still trying to figure out who I am, but then that means I have been trying, which I am not. I am just living in the moment and it actually feels good to because I don't overthink or make judgements about things. All is well!

Apart from that, I just want to share a poem with you that I wrote a few months ago. It was inspired of course by the show "How I Met Your Mother" and the main character "Ted Mosby". I won't give away what it is about, I'll let you analyze:

I’ll find you standing in the
coffee shop trying to get your
daily mocha or cappuccino,
whichever one decides to come first.
You’ll smile at the cashier and try to
make her laugh at your corny joke of the day.
And for the sake of life, you won’t stop wearing that tie
I bought you from when we first met because you
said it will symbolize the many build ups I would have
in your life. And for the first time, I actually
believed you because not one moment goes
by that you don’t remind me how pretty I am,
despite how I may feel about my looks and my body.

Now the only thing left to
do is meet you in this world of
seven billion people. I wonder where
you are and what you are wearing now before
I symbolize not just your wardrobe, but your life.

That's basically it for the update, I will post next month and you can check in again! Of course, if you even want to contact me, just comment or email me. Till then, tootles!