Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Call It Another Year!

Happy New Year I should say, although I'm starting to hate this time of year because it's that time where people go "New Year, New Me". I'm not surprised because I used to be that person. But this year, I have come to realize that changing who you are isn't important. It is being who you are that is. 

So many people forget that the reason they are who they are now are because of the things and experiences they have done or gone through in the past. So If you happen to like or hate those things, don't embrace change, just be who you are and reflect on the lessons you have learned. 

This year for me, I don't know, has been a little rocky. First, If you don't recall, I tore my ACL back in August during Soccer Tryout.Practice and I think I already told you that I need surgery. I had an appointment the other day and basically I have to wait until the end of the school year to have surgery done to my knee. The only thing I hope for is to not fuck it up before then, because if I do, that'll be some serious damage. 

Next is we are moving, again. And the funny thing is, we are moving down the street again! I don't know but this has been the second time we've moved down the street and I just find it hilarious. And so does everyone else. I told my cousin and he said "Hahaha! Y'all just keep moving farther and farther up the street. I guess if you move up the street enough times, you'll be outta the city." It's a true statement, so there nothing to b mad about. Anyhow the thing with moving is that we have to be out of here in a week tops. And I've already missed a day of school because of an orthopedic appointment so this week is going to be very stressful. Next week is mid-terms and I just hate life right now. Oh God, Sometimes I want to cry, but I always remind myself that this is temporary because there is a cycle. You have up and you have downs and you just happen to be in the downs right now. But eventually you'll go back up!

Right now in English we are reading Kafka on the Shore and it is a really interesting book. I am currently like on the seventh or eighth chapter so I haven't gotten that far yet. But I know it's going to be a good book. It might even be good enough to make it in my favorite's collection.I am also reading this book I ordered off of Amazon called "Ask The Passengers" by A.S. King.  It is a really good book, I am halfway through it already. I have so many books that I am reading at once. I am about to read a new book that just arrived to my house that is called "These Gentle Wounds" by Helene Dunbar. 

That's about it so far, I might post later in the month to tell you how it's going.