Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Junior Year

So as you know or don't know, I am now a junior in high. This year is going to be really exciting and hard at the same time, but I am going to try and do my best to keep my mental stability in tact! I have my guidance counselors, my teachers and my family to get me through hopefully when the times get rough, and not to mention my incredible friends, who will all be struggling with me. As I mentioned before, I attend an IB World School and it's basically a college preporatory school, which means every course I take this year will be intense and leave me no time for a life to live! #TeamNoLife! Lol, But I'll Manage.

This is My Schedule:
1st Period is IB World History
2nd Period is Probability and Statistics
3rd Period is IB Film
4/5th Period is Spanish III
6/7th Period is AP Comparative Government and Politics
8th Period is Lunch
9/10th Period is Biology II
11th Period is English III

This was my reaction, but a little more intense!
Other than that, what has been going lately? Well basically the usual, just focusing on what I am going to be doing during the year. I usually during the fall play soccer, but this year, I didn't make it because I got injured and you can't play if you're injured, so yeah. I don't quite know what quite is wrong with my leg, but I limp when I walk and I can't bend my knee. This sucks but what can I do. Anyway, I wasn't mad or sad at all, I was actually happy because this just gave me the opportunity to start clubs early. I participated in Newspaper, Robotics, Speech and One City, One Book last year. This year I am doing Newspaper, Literary Magazine, Debate, and Book club and maybe Robotics this year. I don't want to overwhelm myself with all these obligations because I know how intense this year can get and I know how I get so this is it for now.

Since I am a junior now, I have a lot of dues to pay. God, there is so much to pay for. I have to pay for my school ring, which is seperate from school dues. I want to get a job in the spring to at least help me get a little money in my pocket to pay for stuff. I have a little saved up, but not enough to pay all of my dues. I am trying my best not to stress about it, but I do have to keep it mind somewhere. Included in my dues are paying for prom, but the thing is that I don't even know if I want to go to Prom. I'm not much of a dancer or a person of interest of the opposite sex, so what possible fun could I have at a prom?

But forever problems will reign on, so the best thing to remember is:

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Downsides To Being A Writer.

Hey Guys, I am so sorry about last week. I had not a lot to say in about a short period of time. I have really been busyt with school stuff, but here is something I have been working on. My list is not complete, but this is what I have so far on the downsides of being a writer:

There are many great things about being a writer. Like the fact that you can create stories to entertain people and also having people you actually know or don't know feel really excited to read your next creative work! Just to clarify, writers include poets, authors, journalist, essayists, etc. But there is always an opposite to every good or bad thing. And sadly, thre is one for writers. There are those downsides that can just be so annoying and I just wanted to make you aware of them, if you are thinking about becoming an writer.

#1: Say Goodbye to Dreaming

Now, when you are a writer, ideas will pop in your head anywhere at anytime. This even means right before you are about to go to bed. Now you might be ready to go to bed, but your mind isn't. While laying down with closed eyes, your mind will think of the best idea ever, forcing you to have to get up, grab a pen and write it down before you forget. This has happened to me plenty of times, and though it is very very very annoying, it sometimes can be rewarding. But sometimes it can be stubborn, especially when you lack sleep and you must write this idea down. So say goodbye to your dreams because they are about to become fictioned realities. 

#2 Writer's Block

Everyone gets this one from time to time. But when it happens, it can happen at the wrong time. It always seemed to happen to me when I had something due like an essay or newspaper report. I just wouldn't have any ideas until the last minute when I would already have some bs conjured up and on paper. I would just have to redo the entire thing. And it sucks because writer's block makes you feel usless and worth nothing because as a writer, you should be able to come up with anything, even if it is ridiculous. It's an idea. This is one of the most annoying downsides to writing because there will be the times where you won't have anything to write for months and that can make you feel like a failure. But don't, it will eventually blow over soon, just make sure to always have your pen and pencil ready.

It Doesn't Work Like That!

#Always Being Prepared

As a writer, you are, by basic instinct, always have to be prepare for whenever you have an idea. That is why no matter what you do, you carry around your pen and paper/journal waiting and ready for it to be accessible. That means you will always have to carry some type of book bag or purse to carry all of that in which can be annoying, especially if your just planning to enjoy yourself on the beach. And it's not like you can stop yourself from not taking it, because as soon as you decide not to take it, a thought in the back of your mind says "You'll Regret Not Taking It Because The Best Idea Will Pop In Your Head Later". So you run back and grab it. And for that enture day, you don't write an entire word.  Always being prepared can be such a burden and annoying, but as a writer, it's basic instinct so get used to it. 

That is all I have so far. 

Rest In Peace
Robin Williams
1951 - 2014
I just want to take a moment and talk about the death of Robin Williams. He was a great actor, comedian and husband. He suffered from depression and parkinson's disease, but of all things, he suffered from lonliness. He felt he couldn't share that side with us because he felt he would get judged by society and of course the media would make a big deal about it. So he kept it to himself and suffered with it until he could deal with it anymore. I want people to be aware of the things people do and say in life. Robin Williams was a great man, and although he committed suicide, he wasn't selfish, he was in pain, and that is all something we should understand. Robin Williams was an artist among many things and he will be missed. Let us rejoice in the things that he did and changed upon this earth and remember that he is "Oh Captain, My Captain"!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Religious Wisdom

Some great wisdom once came to my knowledge when I was going through a depression phase. I once realized that when life is at its worst, things must get worse before they can get better. Life has great ups and down and we have to try our best to live through the downs of life so that we may experience the good. If there is one thing that I can say I've learned from my faith, it's this:

"Living in this world isn't easy, and God makes sure it's not, but at least he created hope so that we can believe in something better for ourselves."

When we go back and revisit the wisdom we once had, we are presented with the choice to either keep believing that wisdom or consider it to be untrue, thus opening the door for new knowledge to enter from the next heartache. I haven't quite decided what I want to believe yet, but I know I believe in God and in Destiny. Some part of me feels that pain is the only way to actually feel happiness because you must experience that to understand the idea of happiness. Happiness is not an emotion, it is an idea. The only thing close to the real idea of happiness is peace.

Wait what, is she a Christian or Buddhist?
 See, I don't really read the bible much because I feel most of it isn't accurate or that it contradicts itself, but what I do believe from it is that love and peace are the only real things a person can hope for. Some of you might just think I 'm stupid and don't have the experience to say most of this, but just because I'm young doesn't mean I don't know things, it just means I have experienced some things in my life that have shaped the corners of my book (life).

I haven't really been writing a lot. I write something small from time to time. Right now I'm really focused on school stuff and making sure my health is in check. If I forgot to tell you guys, I got braces like last this past June and I want to get them in check before I go back to school. Another concern is my chest area, I've been having weird burning sensation in my breast areas, so I wanted to get that checked out. I have set appointments but now I am awaiting and that just kills me because I want to make sure I am okay! Then next week I have soccer tryouts so I want to make sure my health is okay for that.