Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Junior Year

So as you know or don't know, I am now a junior in high. This year is going to be really exciting and hard at the same time, but I am going to try and do my best to keep my mental stability in tact! I have my guidance counselors, my teachers and my family to get me through hopefully when the times get rough, and not to mention my incredible friends, who will all be struggling with me. As I mentioned before, I attend an IB World School and it's basically a college preporatory school, which means every course I take this year will be intense and leave me no time for a life to live! #TeamNoLife! Lol, But I'll Manage.

This is My Schedule:
1st Period is IB World History
2nd Period is Probability and Statistics
3rd Period is IB Film
4/5th Period is Spanish III
6/7th Period is AP Comparative Government and Politics
8th Period is Lunch
9/10th Period is Biology II
11th Period is English III

This was my reaction, but a little more intense!
Other than that, what has been going lately? Well basically the usual, just focusing on what I am going to be doing during the year. I usually during the fall play soccer, but this year, I didn't make it because I got injured and you can't play if you're injured, so yeah. I don't quite know what quite is wrong with my leg, but I limp when I walk and I can't bend my knee. This sucks but what can I do. Anyway, I wasn't mad or sad at all, I was actually happy because this just gave me the opportunity to start clubs early. I participated in Newspaper, Robotics, Speech and One City, One Book last year. This year I am doing Newspaper, Literary Magazine, Debate, and Book club and maybe Robotics this year. I don't want to overwhelm myself with all these obligations because I know how intense this year can get and I know how I get so this is it for now.

Since I am a junior now, I have a lot of dues to pay. God, there is so much to pay for. I have to pay for my school ring, which is seperate from school dues. I want to get a job in the spring to at least help me get a little money in my pocket to pay for stuff. I have a little saved up, but not enough to pay all of my dues. I am trying my best not to stress about it, but I do have to keep it mind somewhere. Included in my dues are paying for prom, but the thing is that I don't even know if I want to go to Prom. I'm not much of a dancer or a person of interest of the opposite sex, so what possible fun could I have at a prom?

But forever problems will reign on, so the best thing to remember is:

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