Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Defining the Blog: The Purpose!

I started this blog because I am using it for my personal project. I am doing my topic on Creative writing and what better way to express that than through a blog. Basically True Word Outspoken is saying that here I can be very vulnerable and that is the whole perspective I am trying to give out. I want what I feel to be heard by others and not just ignored as somebody's act of rambling. These words I speak are words that matter. They are words that I can use to speak out what I feel and what emotions I am going through. They are here for the simple fact to impact someone's life. The truth is what matters because I am tired of hiding behind something I am not. I'm not this girl who has everything planned out and is ready to grow up. I am not this girl who knows everything and always does great in school. I am not a girl who parties a lot and does things just because of peer pressure. And most importantly, I am not the girl who lets others take advantage of her because she is kind. I am me. And being myself means being the girl who doesn't follow rules easily.

I am the girl who is very weird and thinks about random things in everyday moments. I am the girl who doesn't have it all together and like every three seconds I freak out about a future that doesn't exist yet. I am not the girl who studies everyday and does her homework when she should. Most of the time, I do my homework in the school, in the previous period on the day it is due. I am the girl who just wastes time on this computer everyday trying to find something interesting to occupy my time. I don't go to parties, I don't go outside that much. And when I do, I go the inner harbor or to a book store because I like books. And the ironic thing about it is, I don't even read half the books that I get. They just sit on my bookshelf until the day I feel spontaneous enough to pick one of them up and read it. The fact is, I am a weirdo and a geek and maybe even a nerd because I like to read books for fun. But hey, it doesn't matter because I am me. And I have friends and family who support me because of being myself. I know that they will always be there to help me make the right decisions. And I will always know that they will support me no matter what!

Being my true self has led me to be the person I am today. I have worked my (excuse my language) ass off to get to where I need to be. It is hard trying to worry and help others when you put your life on hold to do so. But the time has come for my to focus on me. I am left with trying to express who I am to the world and if some of my kindness loses its place, then I am sorry. For as long as I can remember, people have always taken my kindness for weakness, but I am so sick of it, that it has cause me to be sarcastic and outspoken. There is no longer that girl who feels the need to say sorry to everything that happens. There is no longer the girl who sit there and says nothing when someone says something about her that makes her mad. I will speak up and defend myself now, because I have an identity, and I am a person. And I know I might be different and odd from others, but that is the best part about me because it makes me a creative genius. It is where all my humor and sarcasm that you laugh to comes from. It is me.

So this blog is to express who I am to the world, and to all those who feel that same about who they are. This is for me to tell other my experiences and hope that some gain knowledge from my past clarities or feelings. This is where I will my creativity at. All my poetry and creative pieces can be seen her also. I will post every Wednesday of every week. And I ask for your feedback on what you think. So Thanks for reading and enjoy! And if you so happen to have a question, just email me!

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