Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've Been Doing Some Thinking

Lately, I have been doing some thinking that involves me being anti-social. I have decided to distant myself away from others when it comes to expressing how I feel about my diagnoses. I don't want people to know what is going on with me right now because I am not ready for a whole lot of questions and a whole lot of pity for the depressed. I just want to lurk in the shadows and read my books and keep to myself.

I have been reading a whole lot and I am gaining knew knowledge that helps to me revise some of my creative writings. Remember that poem "How Some People Are", well I have been doing lots of revisions on that, dealing with syntax. If you don't know what syntax is, it is by Google definition: the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language. The way I arrange my words is always the same, but this time I am trying to make my sentences shorter but also long, but with a pattern. I am also trying to better my shifts and transitions from one stanza to the next.

See the thing about poetry I like the most is that it is rhythmic and it just falls off the tongue. It is your way of telling a story or expressing an idea. It is poetic and very intimate between the reader and the speaker. That relationship must be maintained because if it isn't, it could throw your audience off of the perspective you want them to see. You must be clear with your audience as I said before, but you must also give them a deeper/broader meaning to what you are saying, because poetry must have purpose because words have purpose.

I have been some revising on my poem "How Some People Are", this is what I got so far:

Some people are bullies
They manipulate people in sight
They love to call people rude names
They only do it to start fights

Have  you heard of Tyler Perry's movies
With the famous Madea of might
Well their favorite is to call Tyler Perry
A homosexual or a transvestite 

See their parents like to drink
Their favorites are beer and wine
But when the glass of liquor spills
Police come over to investigate the abusive crime

My mom would kill for E &J
With the right amount of liquor and the right amount of ice
It's the best time to ask her questions
She'll be nice at ease and concise. 

See it's all about the breakfast club 
The kids with parent issues
The ones that realized no difference lay
in the personalities they'd once labeled and misused

I'm a victim to some of those problems
Like being ignored or not telling the truth
But most of my problems are within myself
Things I shouldn't be worrying about in my fountain of youth

Just like in the perks of being a wallflower
When those memories from the past
Come to haunt you in your vision 
And cause the happiness in your life not to last

See in this life it's hard to trust, 
And also have belief
Because it means you have to lose something
And not all of us can cope with that much grief.

Cause losing someone really hurts
It breaks your heart deep inside
It shatters your perspective of everything 
In which happiness is denied

That's why people are the way they are
They experience something not too great
And it changes them for better or worse
In a lifetime where conflict never inflates

So we can't blame bullies for being tyrants
Nor blame a wallflower for being so shy
Fot that is how some people are in this world
Because bliss is hard to come by

But sure enough, once in a while 
That pain in the heart infinitely soars 
To give you back the life you lost 
So that happiness can be restored. 

Is it better or not. Please let me know which one you like better. 
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