Thursday, July 17, 2014

Time is for the Futhermore

I know, I know. I haven't posted in a while and that has made me kinda sad because I really have nothing to talk about right now. I am living in the moment and trying to make the best of everyday. Most of the decisions I am making are good, and when I am caught between a dilemma, I used something close to Eenie Meenie. It's called: "Cas Sausage Is Out" I don't know, but anyway, I have something exciting in mind for you. Starting Monday, I have some tasks for everyone do until the month of July is out. Take them at your own pace. They are very simple so they shouldn't be a burden. But before I list them, check out this new persuasion piece I am writing:

Flying isn't just a metaphor, it's a reality. Some things in life may seem to good to be true, but maybe acceptance is the only way. We are so quick to deny what may seem to be impossible when maybe it's us that's afraid. We are always so in a rush to get somewhere that we forget the true purpose for even starting the journey. We all want to fulfill our destiny in this world, but it takes time and patience and consideration. The only thing we can do is live in the moment until it is time to make the seconds count.

Yeah, that is all I have so far, but It something. I'm not finished, but something will come of it. Anyway, here are your tasks for now. Please email me or send pictures of how they are going (

Task #1: Whenever you have an embarrassing moment, number it, (for example, Embarrassing Moment #23: Get excited when someone sees you, but it actually turns out that they were talking to someone else). I have had about a number of these and I just give big numbers to describe them. Think of it as an inside joke!

Task #2: Go into a store and buy something you don't want. I bet you later, you will be glad to have it. I once went into an art store and just wanted drawing pencils. But then I ended up getting a sketch book that I didn't want. Now I use that sketchbook almost everyday at work. I draw random things and people and eyes of cousrse.

Task #3: Have a stare-off with a stranger. They will have to eventually break, so you'll win, but until then STARE! Even though it may seem weird to do this with a stranger, it is also a nice way of trying to see into someone's deeper side.

Task #4: Learn how to draw a human eye. I tried for so long to draw an eye and I could never do it right. But if you learn how to, you will draw them on everything. And this time, it will actuallly look good.

Task #5: Look in the mirror and point out something good about yourself. I don't think I have a pretty face, but I try to look for things I like about myself. Like my feet and my hands. The more confident you feel about those parts of yourself, the less you can focus on the negative and build to see the best in yourself.

Task #6: Call and tell your family members and friends that you love them. You never know when you could lose them. So say it now, in your own words. Many people don't say I love you enough and many people also neglect to tell others how they feel. So why don't you just make a call or stop by the house and say your way of saying "I Love You". (Others like Sam say Dido!)

Task #7: Try Netflix for once in your life. It is a really good place to watch things you are similarly interested in. They have lots of shows and movies. (I'm addicted to HIMYM and Being Human)

Task #8: Exercise every once in a while. I am not much of a body builder, but I do exercise when I can. I am a soccer player so I am required to train for the season. I also do yoga. It doesn't have to be intense, but try and move those body parts. I walked the Gwynns Falls Trail with a friend and got lost. But it was fun. You never know what you can do unless you try.

Task #9: Read a good book. Lately, I have been slipping on reading and I am trying to get back into those other worlds. Recently, I began reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman. It is really good. Try the next time you get a chance to read a good book. You might just find out something you didn't know about youself.

Task #10: Write a letter to someone. It doesn't matter who, it only matters that you did it. Today's society is so heavily impacted by technology that people forget about the lovely back in the day styles of pen and paper being the means of communicaton. Next time you need to let someone know something, take a minute to think about what you are going to say and write it out.

Task #11: Take pictures to remember the moment. I take my camera with me almost everywhere. If I don't want to miss something, I take a picture. If I just want to be funny, I'll take picture. And the picture doesn't have to be of yourself, let someone else share the spotlight. I am barely in the photos I take because I saw the moment and I wanted them to be capture. So the next time you go out, take a camera with you and click!


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