Sunday, October 12, 2014

Coming to an End

So I've decided a few things about life. 

The first is: 
Life is fair no matter what. It is society that is not!

The second is:
You may never find that one person who sees all the bullshit behind who you truly are! Lord knows people are blind!

The third is:
Love hurts, especially when the person you love has no idea.

The fourth is:
Suicidal thoughts can be helpful; sometimes.

The fifth is:
Feminism is a good strategy to empowerment.

The sixth is:
Doubt in religion can make you more spiritual

The seventh is:
Listen to some of the moments presented to you in life. They want to tell you something.

The eighth is:
You should use yolo to be young and reckless, just be young and reckless.

The ninth is:
Ignorance is bliss

The tenth is: 
You will never ever truly be happy because sadness is the only truest emotion that doesn't need to be said; its to be felt.

The Fact of the matter Is....

That is why it all must come to an end. Not this life, but the ideas of this life, this culture, this society. But first, I must get myself together, for my heart and mind do not agree, and therefore cause me to die inside. So Farewell, Until We Meet Again!

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