Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Where Do I Belong?

This is one of my favorite creative pieces. I am also thinking about using some of this in my research paper. I wrote this while I was working over the summer. I was just so fed up with seeing social media making me feel bad. You know, all the pretty skinny models. It just made me so mad. This is what I produced out of that anger. (Warning: Content Below Contains Strong Language. Readers Discretion is Advised.)

Where Do I Belong?
Society today makes us want to be something we know is not us. For instance “Physical Appearance” is a big example. Society makes us see these conformity things on television: Being pretty, skinny, and successful. For the people who aren't, they see it as a sign of change like “I Need To Become That! Society makes you feel that if you are not pretty, skinny and successful, you are nothing but ugly, fat, and a failure. So it’s up to you to conform and stand out! You can stay and love the way you are or you could become something else and let society control your brain. And if you don’t, they make you feel sad for not being able to fit In that dress, run a mile without stopping and eating without gaining weight. You feel like shit if you can’t. But all I have to say to society is “Fuck Off” and “Fuck You”. This is where I am. I belong here in whatever I’m comfortable with. No matter if I am pretty, ugly, fat, skinny, dumb, or smart, I Am Me! I will always be forever and always. Who cares what others think, be you. Remember No one but God can judge you. Just be you. Sing in public, Scream to the top of your freaking lungs, Dance ridiculously, who cares! Love who you are, live while you can and laugh your ass off around the country! That’s my opinion, choose to follow or not, JUST BE YOU!!!
 I think the advice that I am trying to give people it that being different is okay. Along the way, you will find others who are just like you and eventually you'll start to become your own individual. It is okay that you don't look like those girls in the magazine, even the girl in the magazine doesn't look like that. I just want for you to be who you are because that is what makes you unique in this world. Don't conform to some standards that people created to be judgmental or critical, be yourself. And what I am not saying is that no one will judge you, cause they will, but even when they do, remember who you are and why you chose to become that. Because in the end, you won't die alone, you'll die with the spirits that carried you along the way. Bliss!

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