Thursday, February 20, 2014

30 Challenges to Help You Start New Good Habits

So over the weekend, I was using the app StumbleUpon to find some self-improving stuff and I came across this list of good habits. They give you thirty challenges and you choose like three or five of them and you try them for a month. I thought it was a good idea to try it, so I am going to list the thirty challenges and maybe you'll want to try it yourself! Here is the list:

  1. Write a "I like this about you" or "I appreciate you" not to someone via email, text or letter. This could be for anyone. 
  2. Talk to one stranger a day. I find that this is already a habit I posses, this now just gives me an excuse to do it! (ha,ha)
  3. Take one picture a day. I am seriously lacking this. I used to use my camera on my phone daily, but since I don't have a phone, Am I Excused?
  4. Re-evaluate one long held belief each day. This is very important. I think this should be tried. 
  5. Take a thirty minute walk a day. It is great exercise and gives you time to think!
  6. Take a moment each day to practice self-compassion and love. Exactly what it says.
  7. Try a new recipe each day.
  8. Refrain from alcohol or drugs. Yall all weed and DEFINITELY SMOKERS, GOD YOU KILL ME LITERALLY!
  9. Write a fifty thousand word novel in thirty days.
  10. Learn how to draw a human face. I still can't do it, but I try to every other day. 
  11. Watch a documentary each day. 
  12. Read a chapter each day. This can be of any day of any book. 
  13. Study a topic you would like to master.
  14. Walk/Run/Drive a new route to work or school.
  15. Read a new article on any website you would like to. 
  16. Media fast for thirty days meaning to not get on facebook, twitter, myspace, or instagram for thirty days. 
  17. Pick a bad habit of yours and ditch it for thirty days. Shouldn't be hard right?
  18. Inspire yourself each day. This leads to creativity guys, remember, writing is key to knowledge and identity. 
  19. Take a cold shower each day. I was told this was bad for your body, but eh, who wants to take the chance?
  20. Think of a accomplishment you would want to achieve each year for thirty years. 
  21. Practice a random skill each day. This is very fun!!!!!
  22. Take the stairs every chance you get. I kinda cheat on this one because I sometimes get tired and don't want to walk up those stairs. Ugh!
  23. Wake up early everyday. You'll definitely get to school early. Ha!
  24. Keep a journal. It is beneficial. Read some of my journal entries, you would know. But it really is helpful and it helps you to remember things throughout the year. 
  25. Don't lie for thirty days. This is really a hard one but I did it, so why can't you?
  26. Combine some of these challenges together. I think this one on this list was just a freebie, it doesn't really give you a good thing to do. So here is one I suggest, look at yourself in the mirror each day and say something good about what you see. 
  27. Do something that scares you every day. Who would want to do that?
  28. Don't complain for an entire day. To all those ratchet people, this is for you!
  29. Meditate each day. This is very good, doing yoga and playing a sport is very good for you physical health. I think I might do badminton. 
  30. And the final one is to do a selfless act for a stranger or anyone. Be nice, help that person for a day, do something to show them you care. Just try it. 
Well that is it for today, but I hope to hear good things. Hasta La Vista.

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