Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How Some People Are

I never shared this poem with you, but it is a working progress. It is on the way people act and how I observe it. I kinda of use things I like so if you know what I am talking about, you are living life correctly, but if not, GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER. This poem if for you and I hope you like it. Remember this is not finished and please do not steal my work. Please don't. Cause I will find you and I will kill you (Liam Neeson Taken)

Some people are bullies 

And they love to pick on small heights

They love to call people names

They do it constantly out of spite

You've heard of Tyler Perrys  movies

And Madea who likes to fight 

Well their favorite is to call Tyler Perry

A homo or a transvestite.

Parents like to drink

Their favorite is liquor and wine

But when the glass of liquor spills

To them its like murder or a serious crime 

My moms favorite is E&J or either Smirnoff

She gets her glass and fills it with ice
Its the best time to ask her questions
Cause she’ll be ease and concise.

I know you’ve seen the breakfast club
Where everyone had parent issues
But they realized between them lie no difference
In the personalities they had labeled and misused

I don’t have problems with my parents
Like others usually do
It’s usually something I had with myself
Or others, that’s what makes me so blue.

Cause with the perks of being a wallflower
Comes the problems of the past
That haunt you in your vision
To cause happiness not to last

See it’s one thing to trust
And another to have belief
But if that meant having to lose something
I couldn’t cope with such grief

Cause some people like to hurt you
Steal your heart and tell lies
They pretend to be your friend
And cause tears to come from your eyes

That’s the way people are
They are mean and selfish
But I can’t say everyones like that
There are some people who are generous

Some people are special
And are often very rare
They change your life for the better
To make you really care

Like give a life for a life
To make a change in a wrong
And help others be good
To give a love that last so long

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