Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Research Analysis

Achieving The Goal
Make sure to address the following:

1. Evaluation the outcome of your project against your own criteria for success that you determined at the beginning of this process.  Were you successful or not?  Be specific about why or why not.

2. Did your criteria for success change at any time during this process? Be specific about why or why not.

My outcome for this project was has been totally against the success I planned when I started. I couldn't decide what I actually wanted to do for this project and I changed my topic several time. In the beginning, I had planned to make three products, one of a musical piece, one creative piece, and one visual piece. I had thought it would be so easy, but it became difficult after a while. Then I actually went and read what the personal project should be about, so I switched my project to creative writing. Ever since, it has been so easy for me.

I think now that I am somewhat successful in my personal project because I feel I am close to accomplishing it. The way it is set up is that all my work and product is in a blog. The only thing I would feel I need to improve on is the views for the website. I need that the most because that will help to spread the vulnerability I am giving away for people to see. But being successful wise, I think I am doing very well. My topics relate to my research paper and sometimes they don’t. But I always try to make sure that they do.

My criteria for this project as I said before changed many times. It changed from me wanting to photography, to going to the creative arts, and then lastly changing to creative writing. My sources needed to be changed, my note cards had to be changed. But it was all worth it. I had to go and find new information about the new topic. I used some books, songs, and poetry as sources and I used some blogs as sources. I think my project is finally on the criteria I see it for in finishing in the end.

I think that I still have much to do. I still have to finish on the improvements of the blog and I have to get more people interacting with the blog. I need a hook to grab people’s attention. I think that is my only challenge in criteria now, which is what will get my peers interested. I think once I get them interested, I can get them to see how I manage my life as a struggling teen who hate judgement and wants people to be who they are despite what others think or tell them. I want my project to be great. Hopefully it will.

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