Friday, March 28, 2014

Today Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life

I know that today is not Wednesday, but I just need to get this out and out it somewhere. Today I something so ridiculous and violent that it made me want to scream and cry of fury. This girl at my school got physically abused and jumped by a group or click of kids from another school. Now I knew this girl, I would sometimes call her my daughter, but anyway, she got jumped. Now the way it started was when these group of kids came back from the previous journey they had come for after chasing someone. Well on their way back to wherever they were going, they decided to start messing with some of my school's peers. They just wanted to start trouble.

So this leader or this loud ass guy in the group starting stuff with people begins to talk to this girl I knew. He was insulting her and all kinds of things. I wasn't really listening but all of a sudden, I hear him call for someone and then I see a girl and another girl coming towards me. She jumps on the back of the bench and then she jumps on the girl and starts fighting her. Then the group of boys just start helping her. They were tugging her and then afterwards, they walked away and left her on the ground. They took her phone and began walking down the hill like they were proud of what they did. But like two of the guys from the group were hanging back. So the girl gets up off the ground and goes over to her friend to ask if she could use her phone to look at herself to see if she is bleeding or anything. So she looks at herself and sees that she is not, but she sees bruises about to appear.

Then she is about to use the phone she got from her friend to call the police. But the guys lingering back call back to the group and tell them that her friend is trying to call the cops. So the group looks back to the lingering guys to finish the job. The guys lingering are still there. The friend and the girl then are about to cross the street when the guys lingering snatch the friends phone and join the group back that is walking down the hill. The girls then start heading to go back up the hill to the school to report the incident. Then the late ass police show up and the kids began to leave. Everyone who witnessed it gets on the bus and stays silent.

But not me. When I get on te bus, my uncle is the bus driver so I began to tell him what happened. My body is in grave shock so it's still shaking from the incident. I vent out my emotions of fury and hurt but also guilt. I feel fury and anger because first of all, these kids are bullies and picking on someone who is younger than them. This girl is a freshman. That is so wrong that that happened to her. I was mad at the fact that they were starting stuff with random people. Everybody was minding their own business until they showed up fucking with people. Ugh, that just makes me mad. It shows how kids just have so much time on their hands that they do dumb stuff to get attention. I was hurt because I felt bad for the girl who didn't deserve none of that. She was just chilling, laughing with her friends and just so happen to get into a situation she had no idea was coming. And that is where guilt comes in. Guilt for not helping or trying to defend and stand up for that girl. I know that if I did, I would have probably gotten beaten up, but it is the thought that counts, I can't stress that enough. I feel bad because as much as I wanted to help, I couldn't because I felt so helpless and defenseless. I don't even know if I would have the stability to defend myself, let alone defend another physically.

All I know is that the whole situation that occur really opened my eyes to the many dangers that happen daily. Someone gets hurt or robbed or even worse killed and there is nothing they can do about it. The situation is out of your control. All we can do is pray or hope. Pray that things get better and that that girl isn't hurt and that she will be okay. Pray for those who committed the action for they need guidance and a soul to feel guilt and regret. And hope that things will improve and that people will change. Hope that one day those bastards will get what they deserve. Just hope that you or anyone you love is ever put in that kind of situation. That is all you can do!

This event will playback in my brain for many years. It has made me well aware of my settings and how I need to be able to defend myself when the time comes. I need to find some reassurance that things will get better. I need to know that this event won't kill me by stress and anxiety, but in turn make me stronger. I only hope and pray so.

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