Wednesday, May 28, 2014

You Say Faults In Our Stars, I Say Fears In Our Hearts!

As you can tell from the title, I have been reading the book The Faults in Our Stars by John Green. This book to me is really wonderful and extraordinary. When I had first heard of it, it took me into dream mode because the faults in our stars did come from the Shakespeare, who I sometimes often disagree with. But when I began reading this book, it made me appreciate the faults I have in my life, and how they are not as bad as others are out in the world. 

I learned to appreciate what the stars, I shall say, has given me. Further more, the book, as I am not finished reading yet, is rather humorous and youthful. You can sorta see how the love develops between the two cancer-sicken teenagers, who obviously don't let the faults in their stars run their lives. With Augusta's metaphor of taking a cigarette and putting it between his teeth, but not giving it the power to kill you is extremely admirable. It makes you want to smack yourself for all the things you let take control of your life, and find a new way of helping to not let it kill you!

But for Hazel, it is much more of fear. The fear of hurting Augusta and the fear of dying and possibly the fear of oblivion. When I read from her perspective, I get a sense of joy, but also a sense of her feeling guilty because she has cancer and that affects everything she does and lives for. As I continue reading, I feel that it has more to do with the fears in her heart than the faults in her stars! Even though her fault is cancer and she may feel that because she has it, she can't do many things, but most of that is fear more than it is about cancer. She has the fear in her heart to give Augusta her full heart, without hurting him because she is sick and because she is AFRAID to die. She feels sad and guilty about having cancer because it makes her dad cry a lot! 

Her only sense of knowledge comes from a book she reads called An Imperial Affliction which her curiosity brings her to wonder about life after death, not spiritually, but life wise.

Reading this book is eye opening. It makes me wonder about the things I fear and the things I do in this life. For example, one of Augusta's fears in the book is Oblivion. Well I also fear Oblivion because the though of being forgotten just scares the hell out of me. But it is good that it does, because now that gives me a reason to do something that will make me remembered, It will force me to do greater things and do what I was purposely out on this earth to do. Even if I am still unsure of what that is, I think I have a idea in mind. 

If you haven't read this book, you should, It may do wonders for your life in ways you may have never thought. I'm going to finish reading now, till next time, chou!



Leilani Perez said...

Or tears in our eyes. It's changed my point of view on many things. I really enjoyed reading it. The tissues and the booka were my beat friend for 2 weeks.

Rejjia Camphor said...

Same here, I really enjoyed reading the book. I finished it last night and it makes you aware of many things. It actually made me feel small, like my problems weren't as important anymore.