Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Second Chances:The Paul Davis Story!

You know, the thing I most admire in life is second chances. It is giving someone the hope, the trust, and the privilege of trying to make a wrong a right, and in some cases and mistake that wasn't intentional. I admire second chances because giving someone that ability really scares me, because I have trust issues. I don't feel that people can change, I feel that they are themselves and to change is not possible. You will always go back to who you really are, it is inevitable.

There are some people in this world that try to force change upon others when really there is no change needed. Maybe that person is just fine the way they are, and their the ones with the problem. And when it's not their way, it's the highway, another door slammed in the face. And now that person loses a job because they didn't live up to your standard of living, Wow, some life you have!

Today I found out that A Great Teacher of mine is being let go because of some stupid rule about being late too many times. Evidently, as a teacher, you have a limit to how many times you can be late, which is at least 5 times. My favorite teacher, who is traveling all the way from the county to teach us lovely city kids, went over the limit with about four more than wanted. And for that stupid rule, he will not be returning to city college, for about a couple years when he can reapply again to work at city.

Some of you may say, well since he can reapply again, what's the big deal. Well this is the big deal, he should n't have to apply again because he got fired because of the stupidest rule on the planet. This man, this teacher, who I very much enjoy learning from was fired: (1) Not because he didn't teach his class because some teachers don't, but in fact he did and very well, (2): Not because the students were failing his class, which thousands of students are in other teachers classes, but not his as far as I checked and (3) Not because he cussed a student out because I know some teachers who have and they still have their jobs, but instead: BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DIE, AND TRY HARD ENOUGH TO GET TO HIS JOB, WHICH DOESN'T PAY THAT MUCH, FROM THE COUNTY SO THAT HE COULD TEACH HIS CITY STUDENTS WHO LOVE HIM VERY MUCH!.

Wow, the job of year goes to North Avenue, you really have the best reasons for firing people!

It is sad that this man, this teacher who has dedicated his life to teaching us kids, who sometimes are ungrateful, that drama is the world around us and it is how we discuss and observe it. It is said that educational system cannot recognize the great teachers and leaders of our world until it is the last minute. Mr. Davis, is more than just a teacher, he is friend, he is what the world rejects because they don't live up to the standards of what is needed. And maybe he never will, but I will gosh damn guarantee, he will die trying to do what's right for us kids, which is teach us that we are not failures. Teach us that we are more than what others see or what others think.

We have opinions, which do not get heard by Authority. But Mr. Davis teaches us through Drama, that performance is a way to be heard; A way that can make them listen. And right now North Avenue, they don't give a damn about us kids, just about what pays the bills. But as a start to expressing my opinions to North Avenue, I am petitioning to get my teacher's job back and I would love it if all of you would support us!

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